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Vicenzi - Vicenzovo Lady Fingers LARGE (6x400g)

VAT: Zero Rated

Stock Code: 31099


Vicenzi - Vicenzovo Lady Fingers LARGE (6x400g) Matilde Vicenzi has been producing Ladyfingers since the early 1900s, when the family began an artisanal production line of the typical Venetian sweets of the day in a small shop near Verona. Nowadays, Matilde Vicenzi's Vicenzovo biscuits are distributed all over the world and used every day as the main ingredient in Tiramisù and other soft desserts. A timeless classic of the Italian pastry-making tradition, Vicenzovo Ladyfingers are still made using simple ingredients: flour, sugar and 26% fresh eggs. This original recipe still adheres to the characteristics that earned it Italy’s first product certification. The quality of these biscuits shines through with every dunking test: only the best flours allow for the highest absorption capacity while maintaining the consistency of the biscuit.


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