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Tortilla Chips

£ 17.16
Manomasa Tortillas GF - 'CANTINA' Lightly Salted (12x160g)RECIPE No.98 THE CLASSIC is made from traditional pressed corn tortillas; these authentic Mexican snacks have been lovingly prepared in the same way for centuries. Hand cut into perfect quarters, these white corn chips are perfect for fuelling the fiesta!
£ 13.80
Manomasa Tortillas GF - Chipotle & Lime (10x160g)RECIPE No.24 The TOTOPO with smoky chipotle chilli & zingy lime with RED BELL PEPPERS, GUAJILLO chilli & TOMATO PUMPKIN SEEDS
£ 16.56
Manomasa Tortillas GF - Green Lemon & Pink P'corn (12x160g)RECIPE No.86 The TOSTADA is packed with creamy beans, pepped up with zesty GREEN LEMON and delicate FRUITINESS
£ 16.56
Manomasa Tortillas GF - Manchego & Olive (12x160g)RECIPE No.15 The DIPPER layered with juicy Mediterranean olives, subtly sweet RED BELL PEPPER and tangy MANCHEGO CHEESE