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Snaffling Pig - Pork Crackling 'Perfectly Salted' (12x45g)

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The Snaffling Pig - GF Pork Crackling 'Perfectly Salted' (12x45g)
£ 10.92
Our Perfectly Salted may not be the most flamboyant of flavours, but what it lacks in avante-garde thrills, it more than makes up for in brilliant basics: Crispy, salty awesomeness. Think of it as Team SPís ever-present holding midfielder- others might have occasional fancier tricks and brighter boots, but this one is always the first name down on the team sheet.
The Nutritionist Pig says these bad boys are gluten free.
In 2016, the judges awarded our Perfectly Salted a star in the Great Taste Awards.
Pork Rind, Salt, Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein, Dextrose, Yeast Extract
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