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Loison FRUTTA E FIORI 'Panettone Lemon' (6x600g)

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Loison FRUTTA E FIORI 'Panettone Lemon' (6x600g)
Our Panettone Limoni was born of the marriage between two premium varieties of Italian citrus fruits that we are very proud of. This sweet bread features Amalfi Lemons, with their large spindle-like shape and intense fragrance, and Syracuse Lemons, with their plentiful juice and prized essential oils (both varieties bear the Italian food label certification IGP, which stands for Protected Geographical Indication). Together, the two varieties of lemon, ripened under the hot Mediterranean sun, yield a thousand aromatic notes. The deliciously tempting lemon filling is paired with prized lemon rind to bring brightness and balance of flavors to this incredible Panettone.