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Kikkoman - 'Ponzu Lemon' Citrus Soy Sauce (6x250ml)

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One of the most popular condiments in Japan is called “ponzu”. It deliciously combines soy sauce with citrus fruit flavour. The Kikkoman Ponzu Lemon – Citrus Seasoned Soy Sauce is based on our famous Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce with a splash of lemon.
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The Kikkoman Ponzu Lemon stands out due to its perfectly balanced flavour profile of salty, sweet, tangy and sour. It perfectly seasons all kinds of food because its zesty flavour adds a vibrant tang and freshness to every dish. Simply pour a splash of pure Ponzu Lemon on grilled meat for a fresh flavour explosion! The fine taste also enhances fried chicken as well as sautéed fish fillets. Or you can mix Ponzu Lemon with some oil to create a delicious Asian vinaigrette.
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