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Gluten Free

The free-from U.K. grocery market is a rapidly growing sector and is now said to be worth more than £800m.
In the UK, one in 10 people (2018 statistics) now avoid gluten, and they can increasingly choose from a wide array of food products to help them do so. Last year, the free-from market, with gluten-free as its anchor, showed a 27% rise in sales.
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*Inspired VEGAN GF - Bearnaise Style Sauce (6x205g)BBE: 03/07/2021
£ 16.56
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*Manomasa Tortillas GF - Beef Barbacoa/Dill Pickle (12x160g)RECIPE No.28 The SQUARE* slow-cooked BARBACOA BEEF, hearty BLACK BEANS,
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*Manomasa Tortillas GF - Chargrilled Pineapple/Arbol 12x160gRECIPE No.30 The CUCHARA with sweet chargrilled PINEAPPLE, a crunch of RED QUINOA and the fiery flavours of ÁRBOL CHILLI
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Amy's Kitchen - GF Organic Chilli 'Medium' (6x416g)Amy's Kitchen - GF Organic Chilli 'Medium' (6x416g)