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Christmas Products

The deadline for Christmas pre-order products has now passed however, we will be ordering some extra stock which will be offered on a first-come-first-served basis. We will try to accommodate all orders, subject to manufacture/supplier availability; please contact the office for immediate reservation and stock availability.
£ 18.84
Bahlsen - Cinnamon Thins (12x200g)Bahlsen - Cinnamon Thins (12x200g)
£ 12.90
Bahlsen - Collection (6x175g)Bahlsen - Collection (6x175g)
£ 18.84
Bahlsen - Gingerbread Hearts 'Lebkuchen' (12x150g)Bahlsen - Gingerbread Hearts 'Lebkuchen' (12x150g)
£ 13.20
Bahlsen - Marzipan Bites (12x100g)Bahlsen - Marzipan Bites (12x100g)