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Brand : Hatakosen Ramune

Hata Kosen - the biggest Ramune Soda producer in Japan, Hatakosen has now brought Ramune Soda into the World stage. The name Ramune translates to Lemonade in English, with its origins dating back to 1865. Ramune's popularity spread quickly throughout Japan after it started to be packaged in the iconic Codd-neck bottles in 1888, these glass bottles are still made in the same way today, filled from the bottom, and sealed at the top with a glass marble. When filled with carbonated liquid, the gas pressure in the bottle forces the marble against a rubber ring along the top, which seals in the carbonation. Today Ramune comes in a variety of flavours, including melon, strawberry, orange, and blueberry. The most popular variety in Japan by far is still the original ‘Ramune’ flavour; a refreshing lemon-lime that has remained largely unchanged to this day!

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