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Al'fez - Lebanese Baharat (6x42g)

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Lebanese Baharat is an exotic ‘7 Spice Mix’ that can be used to make classic Lebanese dishes and is perfect for authentic all-around Middle Eastern seasoning.
This spice mix is an aromatic smoky and sweet blent that adds a depth of flavour – just a pinch can liven up soups, sauces and can be blended with olive oil to make a paste for cooking.
A well-balanced combination of hot and sweet, this full-bodied spice mix can be used to make classic dishes like Kibbeh, or put a Middle Eastern twist on bean Chilli, roasted vegetables and pies.
Mix Lebanese Baharat with honey or agave and use to glaze roasted cauliflower for unique flavour, or use as an all-purpose seasoning for rice and couscous dishes